Is It Possible To Get Rid Of a Damaged Head Sink

Technology is advancing day by day in the same way CPU heat sinks are also advancing. Cpu does a lot of work for processing data, all the components in the computer are protected by casing because they are sensitive and delicate. The CPU is the most sensitive part of the computer and it produces heat while working.

When the CPU is running heavy programs we also hear the voice of the fan inside the CPU getting louder, because the fan is removing an excessive amount of heat from the CPU to provide a cooling effect to the CPU.

The CPU custom heat sink protects the computer from damage and failure. So we should replace the heat sink on time instead of replacing the whole computer. When you are replacing the heat sink of the CPU you have to follow some steps. Firstly you have to remove the old heat sink of the CPU, to replace it with the new one.

Does the Heat Sink Require To Replace?

We don’t need to replace the CPU heat sink itself. There is some caution for every technology we should be aware of, to protect the heat sink instead of replacing it. Heat sink consists of Aluminum and Copper components in its manufacturing. Aluminum and copper are soft that why they fit in heat sinks easily and remove heat dissipation.

The heat sink is made of metal that is strong enough and does not need any protection and the CPU heat sink is made up of stationary units that don’t move any part to perform its job.

Can Laptop Heat sink Go Bad?

It will be a rare case that the Heat Sink of the laptop is damaged. For example, you are operating a laptop, and it is working properly. If everything is okay on the laptop, it will be a rare case that the heat sink is damaged.

But things around the CPU heat sink that works with it can be damaged. In such cases, we need to replace them so the heat sink can work properly instead of anything happening to the heat sink.

General Cooling System

  • The heat sink is a part of a general Cooling system, as its function is to remove heat from the CPU, especially the central processor.

Thermal Paste

  • A cpu heat sink works to keep the graphic processor cool. It generally transfers to a gel or liquid-like substance which is called a thermal paste. Thermal paste is already installed in the computer and is ready to work when you set up the device.

How Thermal Paste Works

  • This paste works by greasing, or by making gel bridges between the heat sink and the chip that need to cool down.

Life of Heat Sink

  • The heat sink should be able to remove heat from the CPU for at least 5 years or more.

Fan Installation

  • Some Heat sinks are also cooled by fans, the fan may not last long due to their mechanical nature, and they wear out. A fan needs replacement if it runs out at high speed with sound.

Can you Replace Heat Sink?

If you come to know that the heat sink used in the CPU is not working properly and is failing, you can replace it, the replacement of the heat sink is tricky so u need to learn how to replace the heat sink.

If you want to replace the heat sink, the website of the manufacturer can be a good idea to start. Once u know the instructions for cleaning and replacing the heat sink u can do it by yourself. Firstly you should know how to remove the heat sink from the CPU, once we have a new heat sink, remove the old heat sink with great care, this must be done carefully.

Final Thought

Heat Sink plays a vital role in cooling down the CPU, firstly heat sink doesn’t need to be removed because they get damaged rarely as they are made of a stationary unit. They don’t have any moving parts. Secondly, u should take care of the heat sink, and install a fan so that it can cool down the heat sink.

If the heat sink gets damaged it can be removed and replaced with a new one by following instructions and all procedures should be done with full care.