How to Buy FIFA Coins on FIFACOIN.COM?

Currency is necessary to buy the things you need. The same convention follows when you play FIFA. FIFA coins are the virtual currency players use to upgrade features and purchase players. Enthusiasts believe in hard-earned coins, but sometimes you must pick the smart way and know how to buy fut coins as the ultimate version of the game is more challenging than the standard one.

Moreover, finding a trusted seller is downright crucial. Here is the procedure to buy coins from, which has earned a significant fanbase due to its fast and reliable delivery services.

How To Buy FIFA Coins from The Official Website Of FIFACOIN?

Follow the steps below to buy coins from the FIFACOIN website:

  1. Begin by navigating to and logging in with your username and password. If you are a new user, click on the signup.
  2. On the signup page, enter your first and last names along with your email and password. You will get a verification link on the email you entered, so ensure you have access to it. Click the link to access the FIFACOIN dashboard.
  3. On the menu bar, choose FIFA 22. A pulldown menu appears; select the FIFA 22 coins option.
  4. Now select your console from the bar on the top. There are two ways now: buy coin packs or choose a custom amount.
  5. For choosing the available packs, click on the Buy Now button below the pack. However, to buy a custom number of coins, click on the Custom Amount button, enter your desired amount, and then click Buy Now.
  6. On the next page, choose a payment method and click check out. You can type the code in the coupon code text box if you have any discounts coupon.
  7. Now click Get Coins on the top bar. On the next page, click on Comfort Trade 3.0 and click Go.
  8. Lastly, input the correct account details and check the box ‘I have logged out of all devices.’ Then click Submit.
  9. The transfer will take some time. You can use the Delivery History to track the progress of the transfer.

Tips For Buying FIFA Coins

Since players often cross paths with purchasing FIFA coins, some pro tips can help them make an effective purchase.

Look For Promotions

Individually buying coins may not be the ideal approach. Try looking for deals and bundles. Various sites offer numerous deals and promotions, and you can buy more coins for less money. Moreover, you can also look for discounts. Although this will take some time, it will be more rewarding than a blind purchase.

Buy Coins During Big Matches

Buy coins during big matches or tournaments because the prices rapidly fall as players win abundantly and are out in the market to sell. Also, if you are a beginner and not much into tournaments yet, you can buy coins at the beginning of the game year. At that time, coins are often cheaper than usual.

Choosing A Trusted Seller

Since EA has a strong and intelligent security system to track your coin collection, you must buy from a trusted seller to avoid a ban or suspension. If you are confused about how to find a reliable seller, you can try asking in public forums to find some.

The Bottom Line

Buying FIFA coins is an inevitable phenomenon. However, EA doesn’t regard it as a legal activity. Therefore, it bans or suspends accounts with suspicious accounts. The entire tracking process is not in the open, but buying from unreliable sellers can likely lead the security at your door. Hence, always make a calculated decision when dealing with coin purchases.

The article explains how you can purchase FIFA coins from FIFACOIN, a renowned and trusted seller. However, you can do your research and find other sellers as well.